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Since 1910, CMC has been in the business of custom metal fabrication. We produce fabricated metal parts and weldments from the simplest to the most complex. CMC specializes in mobile equipment operator cabs, and small – medium – and large weldments.

Large Fabrication Needs

Size Matters...

Do you have trouble locating a shop to handle large fabrication needs? 120,000 sq. ft. manufacturing space with 40 foot ceilings, 4-20 ton overhead bridge cranes, and 14 JIB cranes.

Fabrication Machines


We offer laser cutting up to 1" mild steel, precision forming, robotic welding, CNC sawing, painting and finish, assembly, steel/stainless/aluminum fabrication and more.

Metal Fabrication Tools

True Cost...

Let CMC help you understand the true cost of your fabricated metals and provide genuine solutions toward improving your bottom line.

CMC of Georgia

CMC of Georgia, Inc. is both an OEM supplier and a custom metal fabricator. We provide fabricated metal parts and assemblies from small to large, and simple to complex. The methods we use give a true cost reduction. This is accomplished through on site job evaluation, design for manufacturing, automation, and experience.

CMC has the proven ability to fill your need from light sheet metal to heavy plate. We supply and satisfy customer needs in innovative ways. Our flexibility allows us to handle jobs of all sizes.

Let CMC furnish cost effective solutions for you that improve your bottom line.

Our Advantage

* CNC lathe
* CNC mill
* CNC sawing
* Laser cutting up to 1" mild steel
* STOPA material retrieval system
* Precision forming
* Welding (Certified to AWSD1.1)
* Robotic Welding
* Blasting and material paint prep
* Painting and finish
* Assembly
* 40' Ceilings
* 20 Ton Crane Capacity
* Steel, Stainless and Aluminum fabrication


CMC Focus

CMC has a 100 year history of customer service. The people at CMC of Georgia work to develop continuing customer relationships. Our focus is meeting the customer requirements by providing quality product, on time, and with reasonable cost.

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See how CMC of Georgia can meet all of your metal fabrication needs! From the smallest to the largest application!
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