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Our goal is to develop a long term manufacturing relationship with customers. The services we supply will vary according to each customer's need. With much of our business, CMC is an extension of the customer's production and assembly operation. Our service adds value by delivering product according to your production and assembly schedule. Costs related to warehousing and in-house material handling are greatly reduced or eliminated.

Some customers want parts and assemblies painted or powdercoated, and some don't. It is your choice.

For some customers, to prevent the damage associated with interline transfers of their product, we ship full truck load lots. Loads go from our shipping dock direct to their shipping dock. This meets their need.

For several customers, we box parts in kit form. Orders are placed for a certain quantity of kits. We complete the individual parts and package the kits. The kits are delivered to the customer according to their build schedule. The kits are unloaded from the truck and go directly to the assembly line. The overhead of warehousing cost is eliminated.

Much of what we ship is complete and ready for final installation. Depending on the product, this can involve painting or powder coating, automotive style wiring, glass installation, interior insulation, or other features. What we provide is based on what our customer needs to meet their requirements.

Tell us what you need. What is your production objective? We look forward to discussing how our fabrication and assembly services can be integrated with your needs to best meet your goal.

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CMC has a 100 year history of customer service. The people at CMC of Georgia work to develop continuing customer relationships. Our focus is meeting the customer requirements by providing quality product, on time, and with reasonable cost.

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