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We work hand in hand with our customers to find efficiencies in material usage, kitting, finishing, assembly and packaging to provide the greatest value and through-put for their production needs

With the ability to supply fabricated metal needs from small to large, and simple to complex, CMC has the proven ability to supply all your needs from light sheet metal to heavy plate.

Let CMC help you understand the true costs of your fabricated metals and provide you with genuine solutions that will help improve your bottom line.

* Laser cutting up to 1" mild steel
* Precision forming
* CNC sawing
* Robotic Welding
* Welding (Certified to AWSD1.1)
* Painting and finish
* Assembly
* Steel, Stainless and Aluminum fabrication
* 40' Ceilings
* Blasting
* 20 Ton Crane Capacity

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CMC Focus

CMC has a 100 year history of customer service. The people at CMC of Georgia work to develop continuing customer relationships. Our focus is meeting the customer requirements by providing quality product, on time, and with reasonable cost.

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